Soho Pool Menu

Spicy Chicken Wings Tossed In Soho Hot Sauce €10.50

Chicken & Vegetable Spring Rolls with a Ponzu Dipping Sauce €9.50

Classic Cesar Salad Crispy Bacon, Parmesan & Anchovy Dressing ( add chicken 5e supp) €9.00

Prawn Salad with Avocado, Spring Onion & Marie-Rose Sauce €16.50

Warm Cajun Chicken with Mixed Greens, Coriander, Ginger, Spring Onion & Spicy Chipotle Sauce €15.00

Satay Chicken with Thai Red Curry Dressing, Toasted Nuts & a Papaya & Mango Salad €14.00

SOHO 100% Steak Burger Melted Cheddar Cheese, Chipotle & Twice Cooked Chips €15.00

Tagliatelle Carbonara Lightly Smoked Panchetta, Parmesan, Black Pepper & Egg Yolk €16.00

Roasted Tomatoes, Burrata Cheese Flatbread With Wild Rocket & Virgin Olive Oil €15.00

BBQ Chicken Flatbread Wild Rocket, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Balsamic Glaze €16.00

Soho Sharing Platter Spicy Wings, Garlic Breaded Mushrooms, Chicken & Vegetable Spring Rolls, Satay Chicken €19.95


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